April 9, 2021

New York, NY - New York City Mayoral Candidate Sara Tirschwell today blasted Fernando Mateo and his henchmen for trying to have her removed from the ballot for the upcoming primary election. Mateo admitted his role during a debate hosted yesterday afternoon by the Hospitality Alliance of New York City.  


“Fernando Mateo is playing dirty because he is afraid of losing to a girl and knows he can’t beat me at the ballot box,” said Sara Tirschwell. “Mateo is using the very bureaucratic impediments that have our city in financial ruin to clear a path for himself and limit choice for voters in New York City. This is exactly the paradigm that must change - the systems that are designed to protect the insiders at the expense of everyone else. Limiting choice on the ballot is antithetical to the right to vote.”


Tirschwell slammed Mateo and his Republican operatives during yesterday’s debate for trying to knock her off the ballot. Fellow candidate for mayor, Curtis Sliwa, jumped to Sara’s defense, saying that Mateo should be ashamed of himself for trying to knock off the only woman on the Republican ballot, especially since Sara has raised more financial support than the two of them combined. He also took to social media to double down. Sara knows that Curtis also believes that it should be up to the people to decide.

Learn more about Sara’s vision for New York City at www.saraformayor.com.



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