Sara Tirschwell Rips Andrew Cuomo after his Pathetic Press Conference

March 4, 2021

New York, NYSara Tirschwell, a finance trailblazer and single mother running for Mayor of New York City, today issued the following statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference:

"Anyone who has dealt with sexual harassment in the workplace, like I have, understands that it is just a form of abuse of power, and exactly why people across this country feel that the system is stacked against them. When people in power like Andrew Cuomo behave this way, it is a stark reminder that there is a different level of accountability for them than for most of us.  


"Of course Cuomo 'didn’t know he was making anyone feel uncomfortable' because he wasn’t thinking about the women - he was only thinking about himself and his power. Further, his Clinton-esque repetition of 'I never touched anyone inappropriately' and over-use of 'the truth is' stretches credulity. I am thankful to the legislature for stepping in to limit his emergency powers. I would call for him to resign, but we all know he will never do that.


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