Statement From Sara Tirschwell

April 14, 2021

New York, NY - Sara Tirschwell released the following statement:


“I ran for Mayor because New Yorkers deserve a choice – between a Democratic candidate who might represent four more years of the same failed leadership under Bill de Blasio, and a qualified individual with very specific expertise solving distressed situations, which New York truly is. The way things work in NYC is broken - systems that favor insiders and those with money versus those who are desperate for the chance to change their fate. I ran to change that paradigm - to fundamentally alter the death by 1,000 cuts manner in which our city treats its residents and businesses.”


“But, because the Republicans behind the candidacy of Fernando Mateo targeted my ballot access, I can no longer be a Republican candidate - they are part of the very problems in NYC I ran to solve. They are not representative of the caliber of their rank and file members - so many of whom have supported me with donations, kindness and conviction. It is a travesty, and antithetical to the Republican Party I believe in, that those in power have limited the freedom of choice of their constituency.”


“The Republican Party is left with two choices now: Curtis Sliwa, who has always been a gentleman to me and has fought to keep me on the ballot, and Fernando Mateo, who was photographed on the front page of the New York Times with Bill de Blasio due to his involvement in a straw-donor scheme. Fernando’s people thought it would be better for democracy for New Yorkers to have fewer choices. Curtis will have my vote in the primary."