Reduce Crime and Rates of Recidivism by compassionately reinvesting in the community. Much of the crime in New York City is drug and gang related. In order to combat crime, we need to decriminalize drugs to eliminate black-market profits and offer at-cost drugs and counseling to addicts. Eliminating the financial incentives will require us to work with community leaders to identify more positive outlets and provide true access to opportunity. In doing so, we will also address the needs of those re-entering the community after periods of incarceration, to ensure that they have access to transitional services such as housing and employment and educational opportunities. 

  • Offer stress reduction techniques to incarcerated people as well as those in high crime areas
  • Increase access to high quality education. Research shows that in order to improve opportunities for the disenfranchised population, we need to start young. We need to provide high quality education, starting with pre-school, and teach positive psychology to our children

  • Partner with local community members to police communities and partner with organizations offering cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce crime and prevent recidivism

  • Work with the legislature to ensure judges have the ability to deny bail to anyone who is deemed to be a threat to public safety