Sara’s story is a classic New York tale of grit, determination, and a search for more. Sara is uniquely prepared to lead New York City out of crisis and will be a refreshing antidote to the incompetence that got us here. New York City cannot afford a third De Blasio term.

Sara grew up in Corpus Christi, the daughter of an Army dentist. Her mother committed suicide when she was three years old, and her stepmother died of multiple myeloma when she was 14. Loreen Anderson became the mother of Sara’s heart, until this past Valentine’s Day, when she was killed in a fire. Sara persevered, graduated from Rice University with a degree in Economics, and got her first job in banking during the 1987 financial crisis.

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Sara and Loreen
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Sara, Her Sister, Father and Judy
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Sara and Her Mother

In 1989, Sara moved to New York City to begin her career in distressed finance. She became one of the first loan traders on Wall Street. Professionally, Sara was breaking glass ceilings… but personally, adversity struck again with the death of her first husband from alcoholism, the end of her second marriage, and the suicide of her best friend. But she persevered again.

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Sara is a trailblazer. She spent almost 30 years as one of the few leading women in distressed finance and restructuring, the best part of which was at Davidson Kempner Capital Management. She has worked as a portfolio manager, a partner in a start-up hedge fund, and a long-time analyst and investor in troubled companies and countries. Most importantly, she raised two daughters as a single mom.

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Single Mom
Go Rangers!
Sara and Her Daughters

In 2017, Sara spoke up about sexual discrimination. Called “Wall Street’s first #MeToo case,” – Sara bravely spoke out about her experience, and continues to advocate for women in the male-dominated culture of high finance. Today, Sara continues to work as an investor and restructuring advisor, and as the CFO of Foundation House, a provider of addiction treatment services that was founded in the aftermath of 9/11 to honor victim Peter Kellerman’s life.


Sara is running for Mayor to make it safer and easier to live in New York. The city that gave Sara so much is at risk of lasting damage. It is time to choose competent leadership not beholden to special interests. It is time to take this city of opportunity and promise back from the political insiders and run it for the people who live here. It is time to truly level the playing field.

Sara got herself out of South Texas


Sara was a pioneer on Wall Street


Sara stood up for what is right, and will stand up

for opportunity for all New Yorkers

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Sara’s story is not an easy one. But it is a story New Yorkers will recognize. She has spent her entire life fighting for more. And after eight years of Bill de Blasio, Sara is exactly what New York City needs.